Joyjeet Mukherjee's Photos

Cloud Art

Kolkata Skyline

Kolkata Skyline in B&W

Colours of the Sky

Sunset Colours

Colours of the Sky

Cloud, Sky & Sunrays

Orange Cloud

Cloud Formation over the Bridge

Fire in the Sky

Red Sky - A Spectacle

Cotton Balls in the Sky

Cloudscape on the Highway

Clouds on a blue sky

Clouds across the Highway

Clouds over Salt Lake


A Rainbow across the Mandarmani beach

Sky over Rajarhat

Sunset - 1.7.12

Day End

Sunset - 2.9.12

Day End 2



Flying Away

Storm Formation - June'14

Storm Formation - June'14

Clouds over Lake Gardens

God's Canvas

Supercell in B&W - July'14

Supercell - July'14