Joyjeet Mukherjee's Photos


The Pug made famous by the Brand

A Streetside Barber at Work

Happy Child

A snake that crossed

God is One.

Cant be depicted better than in the locket sellers shop


2 Kids playing in Mullickghat, Kolkata

Pink Lily in full bloom with a wonderfull reflection

Shot at Botanical Garden, Howrah

The Durga Puja flower.

Shiuli - as the flower is called is a speciality in Durga Puja's with a nice fragerence and blooms in the period September to November

Early Morning Mist between the trees.

Photo taken at Botanical Garden, Howrah

Leaves on a Tree Trunk

Botanical Garden, Howrah



An "Om" tatooed on a foreigner's back


Lightning 1

Set Me Free

End of Day


Confused Mind

The Gatekeeper

Bird & Tree 1

Bird & Tree 2

Bird & Tree 3